QUESTIONS & ANSWERSCatégorie: Real EstateCan a foreigner be inside a blue house book?
Sebastian Brousseau personnel demandée il y a 4 ans

I am a foreigner and would like to be inside a blue house book. Is that possible? I paid for the house and want to be the owner.

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Sebastian Brousseau personnel répondue il y a 4 ans

Foreigners are normally not allowed to be inside a BLUE TA BIAN BAN (number 14 on upper right corner). They are normally registered in a YELLOW house book with number 13 on the same corner.

Foreigner having PERMANENT RESIDENCY must register in a blue ta bian ban. That’s one exception.
We have seen foreigners on the first page of a blue ta bian ban when they obtain a building permit under the name. Also, in some rare case, we have seen owners of condominium allowed to have their name in a blue ta bian ban but not written as the same as Thai people. Do note the a ta bian ban is NOT a proof of ownership but just a proof of residence.
For more information, have a look at that page – Yellow and Blue House Book in Thailand