Family Law

Isaan Lawyers, located in Nakhon Ratchasima, is a leader in Family Law practice. Professional prenuptial agreements, divorce by consent or in court, child custody rights, surrogacy and more. We understand that your family is important and have built our reputation on protecting your loved ones.

Criminal Law

Have you or someone you know been arrested, indicted, or placed under investigation following an accident or an infraction? Our law firm has successfully defended cases involving narcotics (drugs) sexual assault, murder, illegal weapons, money laundering, and defamation.

Property Law

Many expats wish to invest in Thai real estate. The law in Thailand normally forbids foreign nationals from owning land. Our legal experts can provide solutions to secure a real estate investment through a lease, superficies, usufruct, Thai company, mortgage & more.


Our office has  full-time accounting staff. We provide monthly and/or yearly accounting services to many companies in Nakhon Ratchasima and Thailand. Our service includes withholding tax, social security, VAT, audit reports and more. We have provided accounting services since opening the firm in 2006.

Expat Specialists

Are you a digital nomad? Someone who doesn’t a “traditional” expat? A traveller or an entrepreneur with new ideas and a wireless work-space? Our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience working with foreigners in Thailand and know the best ways to keep yourself safe and secured.

Other Legal Services

Isaan Lawyers offers professional legal assistance with regards to Immigration Requirements, Notarial Services, Tax Consultations, On-line Services and Translation. Click the below button for more details.

Civil Litigation

Our team has recovered financial compensation and provided settlements for many civil suits. Our legal experience and success includes cases related to personal injury, inheritance claims, construction, real estate, debt recovery, breach of contract and much more.

Business Law

We can help you establish a successful business in Thailand as we have done for hundreds of clients. We can provide the groundwork to setup a company or partnership, assist in obtaining a work permit or BOI application, tax registration & more.

Isaan lawyers Mission Statement

Isaan Lawyers will provide expert legal advice, bring Western standards of care and professionalism to Thai legal practice and provide a multi national service at an affordable price.

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Thai Legal Services (Isaan Lawyers)
Thai Legal Services (Isaan Lawyers)


Isaan Lawyers provides professional legal services to Expats, and Thai nationals. We are dedicated to providing quality professional legal services in the Isaan Region (Nakhon Ratchasima [Korat], Buriram, Surin, Khon Kaen, Roiet [Roi Et], Kalasin, Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathani, Sisaket, Mukdahan, Nong Khai). And depending on the case, have worked in Pattaya, Rayong, Chonburi, and Bangkok.

Our law firm primarily focuses on Thai Property, Family, and Corporate Law. Our staff and network is composed of foreign and Thai National Registered Lawyers, Accountants, Translators and Paralegals. We maintain and hold ourselves to international standards while offering services for reasonable fees.

We offer legal consultation at a very reasonable price. Do not hesitate to contact us, from Monday to Friday, by e-mail (easiest and get reply in less than 48 hours) or phone (Thai: available at all working time, English and French: must make an appointment before). We meet clients by appointment only. Feel free to call our office at 084 471 5775 (in Thailand), or use our Online Appointment service by clicking the tab at the bottom of the page.  Our staff  members can speak English, French and Thai.

Have a look at the other pages on this website to find out more about our services and fees and additional information about Thai Laws.


– Our History.

In 2006 Mr Sebastian H. Brousseau and others decided to share their experience and build a new business to help expats in the area. In 2007 Isaan Lawyers was born. 2012 Isaan Lawyers moved into the premises they are still in today. In 2020 we decided to become better not bigger. In 2022 A new era will begin for Isaan Lawyers with its founder Sebastian stepping down from the helm to pursue new projects. Dont worry he will still be around to consult! This has paved the way for new owners and Directors in the form of John a British Lawyer and his Thai wife May who will drive the firm forward  and will strive to provide professional and dedicated legal services for clients in the best traditions of its founder, Sebastian.


  • Providing Measured & Accurate Legal Advice

    Utilising the expertise and professional back-ground of our legal team in giving clear and concise, step-by-step explanations for a case, and finding the best solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

  • Protecting You and Your Family

    Planning and preparation for unfortunate situations. Simple agreements, advice and proactive thinking to protect you and your family. We are passionate about helping those closest to you.

  • Setting your Business in Thailand

    With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, our firm can provide up-to-date advice and knowledge to ensure that your business will grow and continue to succeed in the future.

  • Save your Money

    The success of our clients, is our success. Providing fast, affordable, effective, and efficient legal services to better serve our clients needs, is the motivation and commitment demonstrated by our entire legal team.


UPDATED – May 2020 By Sebastian H. Brousseau, LLB, BSc. Managing Director of Isaan Lawyers….

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Online Contracts. "I thank you for your help. If I need a lawyer in Thailand again I will contact you for sure. I also will recommend you to my friends."
Guy B. (January 2016)
Andre D., Belgium (Nakhon Ratchasima – 2015)
Real Estate Law and Last Will.

"We like to thank you for the good advices you gave and your staff for their perfect service. In only two hours everything has been arranged."

David S., South Africa (case in Buriram)
Property, Inheritance, Civil Law.     

"Many thanks to Sebastian and his team from Isaan Lawyers for the excellent service I received from them. Having run the gauntLet of "reputable" lawyers in Thailand and their services (...)  I finally got results (against all the odds) and won my case in spite of not being able to be present in Court for the appropriate date. I was charged an extremely low fee in comparison to what I gained, and indeed: in comparison to what I had already paid in advance to the non to the non performing but ever-promising Thai legal law firm I had previously approached for help. I was treated with dignity and honesty and have no hesitation in recommending this particular law firm to anybody needing help as regards matters Thai. (...) I hereby happily give my permission for them to use me as a contact reference, and for them to supply my email adress to anybody still in doubt as to their competency and integrity."

Richard B., UK (case in Nakhon Ratchasima – July 2011)
Probate of Will.     

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Issan Lawyers for their handling of probate for my wife's will.  In a very short time I had all the necessary court orders, translations of documents and your assitance getting bank to release funds and change property ownership at land office.  Looking back it was nice having someone to deal with all the legal matters and I now realize I chose the right firm to handle this matter.  I will not be hesitant in selecting Issan Lawyers should I need other legal services in the future."

Trond A., Norway. (Case and work in Udon Thani)
Divorce, Translation and Legalization of Documents.      "Me and my fiancée used Isaan Lawyers to get a divorce for my fiancée cause her former husband abandoned her more than one year before we met. Isaan Lawyers did great work for a reasonable price, and my fianceè got her divorce easy as promised by jugdement in Court of Law. We have also used Isaan Lawyers to get papers from Amphur translated and stamped by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, papers to be used for application for fiancée visa. We will surely use Isaan Lawyers again when the time requires it, and have no problem to recommend their service."
Keith S., UK. (August 2010)

Notarial Services.

"Before we moved to the UK Issan Lawyers translated and notarized a number of documents for us including, marriage certificate, birth certificate, and others and all have been used in the UK without any problems at Government departments, banks, insurance companies etc."

Dan S., USA. (November 2010)

Prenuptial Agreement Online and others.      "I wanted to write a few words to thank you and your team for helping me and my wife draft and work through a prenuptial agreement prior to our marriage. I must say that your service is what all other companies in Thailand and elsewhere should strive for. Your fellow workers are a delight, so thorough & accurate, the kind of valuable employees that every company needs; you are lucky to have them. I have worked with dozens of law firms in America both business related and personally and without exaggeration your firm's work was equal or better than than I have seen there, and your pricing was definitely the most reasonable. Hopefully I'll get a chance to recommend you firm to someone else, and if given the chance the recommendation will be glowing"

Anders N., Sweden.(March 2011 – work in Phuket)
Real Estate Law - Property Contracts.     

"I was recommended Isaan Lawyers through a fellow countryman who is also a client. My wife and I live in Phuket, where everything is overpriced like there is no tomorrow and with the recommendation from my friend, I wanted to give a law firm from "out of town" a try. I was a little bit hesitant at first, but after dealing with Sebastian and his team, all of that is gone. The support and prep-work beforehand was excellent in everyway and for the first time since long, I have the feeling of not beeing ripped off. I am truly grateful for the services provided and I will return with any future needs I might have. I now consider Isaan Lawyers to be "my lawyer in Thailand" and I feel comfortable of recommending them to anyone."

L., Singapore (October 2014)

Surrogacy contracts, foreign citizenship of children and others.


"Once again we are very grateful and thankful to Sebastian and his team for helping us so that our family can be united."

Gary B.,(March 2013)
Usufruct, Online Services.     

"We were there approximately two hours. They asked us for an extra copy each of my passport and her tabien bahn, which we had. They reviewed the contracts you put together, had us pay 75 Baht and we walked out with my name on the Chanote. Thank you for a job well executed. I will happily recommend your services should the opportunity arise.We also look forward to doing business with you again next year when we move to Thailand, to write up our Thai wills."

Svente K., Sweden (Cha-Am – October 2015)
Real Estate Law.
     "I am impressed, I can now understand people to recommend you, and I will for sure do the same."



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