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Sebastian Brousseau personnel demandée il y a 5 ans

Good evening fellow isaners. Can anyone tell me the best agent to use for getting married in Thailand, I want the person do undertake the whole paper work and whatever is needed, I want it so I just have to turn up and sign along the life time ATM commitment 555

Sebastian Brousseau personnel répondue il y a 5 ans

I would NEVER use an agency for getting married. It is not difficult to get married in Thailand.

1. Foreigners must go to your embassy by themselves and get an affidavit done. Contact your embassy. Some require an appointment, some require more documents. If two foreigners gets married together, each has to get an affidavit from their respective embassy.

2. I would use “express translation services” in Bangkok for translation and legalization. It will take a week and cost about 2000 to 3,000 baht. They are very professional and it would avoid the problems to do it by yourself.

3. Get married with the documents legalized and your IDs. Some amphur might request a translation of your passport.

That’s it.

Agencies will probably ask 10,000 baht up for something very easy as 1,2,3. See above.