QUESTIONS & ANSWERSCatégorie: Family LawMarriage in Thailand only after 310 days?
Sebastian Brousseau personnel demandée il y a 5 ans

I have a question:

  1. I got divorced recently in Thailand (Local Registration Office)
  2. I would like to marry in Thailand

Do I have to wait 310 days?

Sebastian Brousseau personnel répondue il y a 5 ans

Unless you are a woman, no, you do not have to wait 310 days. That delay applies to WOMEN.

Because a child born during wedlock or within 310 days of the termination of marriage is PRESUMED the legitimate child of husband or man who used to be husband. (See clause 1536 and following of Thai civil Code).

It is section 1453 that talks about conditions of marriage to women who divorced or the husband died. That delay can also not apply if a qualified doctor makes a certificate showing that the woman is not currently pregnant (See clause 1453 (3))