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Legal fees in Thailand

We have all seen it, some scene in a movie or TV show where they read your rights: “If you cannot afford an attorney”. It often gives the impression that legal counsel is expensive, and that if it’s not expensive it won’t be any good. There are also those little bits in the courtroom dramas where it is mentioned how much someone pays for their lawyers and that they are the best because they are paid so highly. But is that the reality? Most people know that just because something is expensive does not mean it is of the best quality. The opposite is also true, most people are fully aware that something can have great value but carry a very low cost.

Law firms that charge hourly rates for everything are normally expensive, but they are not the kind of legal representation anyone should be stuck having. At Isaan Lawyers, we have structured our services to provide a flat fee upfront that is based on exactly what you need to be accomplished. We do not try to sell our clients something they don’t need, just to run up the hourly bill. That’s not how you build confidence, clients, and communities. The fees you pay for the services of a law firm should be for their expertise, as well as their commitment to protecting your rights and ensuring your interests are met. Not for the privilege of their time.

Retaining the services of a legitimate law firm will end up saving you money and time. We can provide you with reasonable fees and great service for many reasons:

  • Being based in Isaan is less expensive for us than having an office in Bangkok.
  • We opened in 2006 and have developed and honed our expertise.
  • We work quickly and optimize our time.
  • The way we structure our business helps us to save on costs and enhance efficiency.
  • We maintain a network that provides translations, notary services, accounting, legal representation, contract drafting, etc. We utilize this professional network in serving your best interests.
  • We work with technology to save us time. Cloud system access for our staff, appointments made online and synchronized automatically, an easy-to-use file-sharing system for our clients and others. We manage our time wisely.

We understand that our clients have chosen to live in Thailand, and that means they will be building and becoming part of a new community, and we wish to provide experienced and dedicated legal services in helping shape that community for success and stability into the future. Isaan Lawyers is first and foremost a part of this community of expats, foreign entrepreneurs, businesses, and long-term travelers in Thailand.

We offer services directed at strengthening our community and our fees reflect this. The only hourly rate we ever charge is for initial consultations in person, or over the phone. And should that consultation result in our services being retained we will deduct the consultation cost. The team at Isaan lawyers has over 50 cumulative years of experience in the practice of law in Thailand. We have been in any situation you can imagine. Whatever you need done, be it a prenuptial agreement or registration for a new company, our staff will take the time needed to guide you through every step in the process, to protect you, your family, and your assets until you are satisfied. We can make sure the law works for you, by having a committed staff with the right expertise, at a reasonable price, and by taking the time to get it done right.

To serve you better, we also have created online services, which are cheaper than traditional full legal services with a lawyer that accompanies you. They include several levels of service, from simple contract templates that you can fill yourself with instructions to full online services like Last Wills or property agreements. For these services, clients contact us online. We exchange information and draw up the necessary documents, while providing instructions and advice. We have made it easy for you to complete the documents where only signatures and registration are necessary (see for example These documents are drafted by professionals to protect your rights, follow your intentions, and are designed to save money and minimize potential complications. If you are in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiangmai, Nong Khai, Pattaya, these online services can help you anywhere in Thailand. All agreements are made in Thai and English, prepared by Thai registered attorneys.

We also offer online Skype appointments, to talk to a lawyer, in French, Thai or English.

Should you wish our team to send a Thai attorney to help you out, this is another service that we can readily provide.

We often require a full deposit upfront (100%) prior to beginning the work. We will provide a tax invoice upon receipt of final payment. We normally have flat fees for our services. They do not include appeals (if any, very rare), court fees (if you claim something to a party, you might have to pay court fees), execution of a decision (should you win a property for example, to sell this property, or get the money that a Court decision gives you) and foreign translations or legalization. We normally include a number of pages translated from English to Thai or Thai to English.

Below are fixed fees for some of our services. Isaan Lawyers is ready to give you the kind of legal representation in Thailand that you deserve, not just the kind you pay for.

Company registration fees:



Fee (Baht)

Company Registration

– including Attorney’s fees to register the company

– Corporate tax registration

– VAT registration if necessary

– Memorandum of association

– All goverment fees except to register the capital

– Translation of documents Thai to English

– Logo done by a designer

– 1 Stamp

– Help to open a bank account if necessary

– Share transfer agreements or loan agreements if necessary.


We can setup a company ANYWHERE in Thailand for these fees. Delay is about 3 weeks once we received the money and all necessary documents.

… Plus Government Fees:

Fee per 1 Million Baht of capitalization


(Example, company of 2 million = 34,500 + (2 X 5,500) = 45,500 baht in Total.

Work Permit & Visa Services:



Fee (Baht)

Work Permit

Work Permit, Initial Application



One year extension of stay permit based on business or other reasons.



… Plus Government Fees:

Government Work Permit Fee (for 3 months)

Work permit, expect to pay per year …



Government Visa fees



Additional Professional Legal Fees…



Fee (Baht)

Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership Registration


Increase/Decrease Capital

Increase or decrease capital for a company


Preferred Share Setup

Attorney’s fees for changing share structure not including government fees

included in company

Social Fund

Social Fund registration


Share Transfer Agreement

Attorney’s fees for shareholder loan and share transfer agreement

included in company if requested

Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement


Change of Address

Change the address of a company affidavit


Change of Address

Change the address of TAX I.D.


Change of Address

Change the address of VAT


Change of Address

Change the address of Work Permit


Change of Director

Change the Director of a company


Change of Company Name

Changing the name of a Company


Change Shareholder(s)

Change shareholders of a company


Registration: Thai Company

Registration of local branch office of Thai company

(not including transport and time if we have to travel)


BOI (Board of Investment)

Register for BOI




Extra Company stamp for client


Minutes Of Meeting

Preparing minutes of meeting for opening bank account



Title Deed Search to see if the property has liens, if the seller has ownership rights and the type of land documentation.

depends on location

Property Registering Lease or Land/House at Land Department depends on location
Property Professional negotiations to lower the selling price, transfer fees, stamp duties
Agreement Asset Purchase Agreement
Agreement Lease Agreement
Agreement Partnership/Joint Venture Agreement
Agreement Land/House Purchase Agreement
Agreement Share Purchase Agreement
Agreement Employment Contract with Employee Confidentiality Agreement (English)
Agreement Reviewing of any agreement
(maximum 30 pages)
Due Diligence Due diligence per one million Baht of proposed acquisition (Minimum 15,000 Baht)
(not including transport and time for transport if done in another province than Nakhon Ratchasima)

* All these fees are subject to modification without any prior notice or warning

* We do not reimburse clients unless we are proven negligent. We agree to perform to the best of our abilities and to exhibit due diligence in the conduct of said services.

* We rarely ask our fees except for consultations. But think it should be based on 2,000 baht (two thousand TB) per hour in average, not including Court fees, interpreter and/or transport.

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