Notary in Korat, Thailand

Notary in KoratIn Thailand, a lawyer can also be a ‘Notary’ if he has a special license from the Thai law society. You might need a notary to “notarize” a document. The notary will look at your documents and will put his stamp and signature. Our office can provide you the services of a notary in Korat.

Embassies normally also offer services to notarize or legalize some documents.

Documents notarized are often recognized internationally. A law firm, an insurance company, a government might request you to use a notary to confirm that the document was really signed by you. A notary should verify your identity before you sign any document. Then, he should write the date and location where it was signed. He will later put his seal and signature. He should also provide how to contact him so the people can verify if a document is really notarized or not by this person. Thai notaries act like “public notaries” in Thailand. They are different from notaries under some civil jurisdictions (Like France or Quebec).

If you require the services of our notary in Korat, you must make a prior appointment. You can make an appointment online here by selecting a time and day to meet one of our notaries:

We wrote an article about Public Notary in Thailand here. We suggest you to read it before making an appointment with our notary in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima).

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