Other legal services

Other legal services: Immigration

For any questions about immigration, re-entry permit, extensions of visas in Thailand or even permanent residency, please consult our information website Thailawonline.com at the immigration section or get in touch with us.

Notarial services

In Thailand, a lawyer can also be a ‘Notary’ if he has a special license from the Thai law society. You might need a notary to “notarize” a document. The notary will look at your documents and will put his stamp and signature.

Embassies normally also offer services to notarize or legalize some documents.

If you require the services of our notary, you must make a prior appointment by calling at 084 471 5775.

Online services

Consult our different legal services online at www.thailawonline.com

You might save money, and will get professional agreement to protect your rights.


Isaan Lawyers offer translation in more than 85 different languages. The most common is English to Thai or Thai to English.

For standard documents like a driving license, a degree, a passport or a house book registration, our fees are 300 baht per page.

If a document is more technical, price will be 500-1,000 baht per page for Thai-English or English-Thai. It depends on how much of the contents in the document.

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