QUESTIONS & ANSWERSCategory: Legal questionsAt what age do children become adults in Thailand?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I want to know about majority in Thailand.

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Sebastian Brousseau Staff answered 5 years ago

Clause 19 of the Commercial and Civil Code says that children become SUI JURIS (adults) at 20 yo.
At 15 years-old, they can work. However, under 18 they should not work in some hazardous jobs.
At 15 years-old they can make a Last Will.
They can get a driving license for driving a car at 18 years-old.
It used to be 18 yo for drinking alcohol but the law changed and it is now 20.
You must be 18 yo to vote.
There is no age to own properties in Thailand.
When you setup a company, founders must be 12 yo and older. This is just a small summary. Regulations and laws can change too.
20 yo is majority in Thailand. There are exceptions, like always.