BOI Application

The Board of Investment in Thailand (BOI) helps investors by offering incentives and services in return for investing Thailand.

There are investment policies and criteria which need to be followed in order to complete a successful application. We can assist in the proper completion of your application if you intend to invest in Northeastern Thailand (Isaan) in any of the promoted fields.

Accounting services

We provide accounting services ONLY to companies located in Nakhon Ratchasima province. We normally ask a flat fee for a one year accounting service, which will include all the necessary paperwork. For a simple and small company, fees should be around 25,000 baht per year, including an Annual Audit Report.

Try our professional accounting services, especially useful in helping you navigate Thai legal requirements while your company is just getting started.

Thai Limited Company

Do you want to start a business in Thailand? Are you dreaming to live and work in the “Land of smiles”?

Isaan Lawyers can help you to setup a Thai limited company easily. Since July 2008, only 3 shareholders are required by the Law. It used to be 7. Also, the process is much faster and we can probably complete it in one or two weeks.

Modification of a Thai limited company

We can easily change the name of a company, or the director, the shareholders, the objective, raise the capital, change the address, register a regional branch and much more.

Some announcements might be necessary depending on the changes required. Look at our fees to verify how much it costs to make one of these modifications. Remember that these prices are for Nakhon Ratchasima province and if a company needs to move from another province, transportation cost could be added.

Work permit in Thailand

Every foreigner working in Thailand, having a salary or not, should possess a valid work permit. There are few exceptions to this rule but they are rare.

In 2008, there were some modifications to the Working of Aliens Act. One of the new additions in 2008 is that a foreigner can now obtained a 2 years work permit.

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