QUESTIONS & ANSWERSหมวดหมู่: Work PermitDo I need a blood test for Work Permit?
Sebastian Brousseau ทีมงาน asked 5 ปี ago

I was told that I need a blood test now for the renewal of my work permit? Could you confirm

Sebastian Brousseau ทีมงาน replied 5 ปี ago

It seems that some hospitals changed their policy and ask a blood test. However, the labour department in Nakhon Ratchasima informed us this morning that there is no modifications of the regulation. The same form for medical certificate is required. That form has currently 6 items to fill and NO BLOOD test is required yet.

This can change from a labour department to another. The law doesn’t change but they can apply it differently and use their “discretionary power” to request additional documents. It’s always like that in (unfortunately) Thailand.