Do you want to start a business in Thailand? Are you dreaming to live and work in the “Land of smiles”?


Isaan Lawyers can help you to setup a Thai limited company easily. Since July 2008, only 3 shareholders are required by the Law. It used to be 7. Also, the process is much faster and we can probably complete it in one or two weeks.

As you probably know, foreigners can’t do everything that a Thai citizen can in Thailand. For example, foreigners normally needs a visa, a work permit to work, can’t own land, etc. If foreigners owned more than 50% of the shares of a Thai limited company, this company becomes a foreign entity under the Foreign business Act and might require licenses and permit in order to operate.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to setup a Thai limited company in Thailand, a partnership, or even to setup a company in Seychelles! We have the network and experience to help you with these matters.

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